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Some people ask how I came up with the idea for Realty Connect, so I wanted to share my story. Licensed in 2003, I really enjoyed selling real estate and did well for a few years. But when the housing market crashed in 2007, I wasn’t prepared and had to take a break. I wanted to keep my license, but couldn’t afford to pay all the MLS fees, Association dues & agent expenses. Without these, no Broker would hire me. Why would they? I didn’t “fit” their model. My options were to let my license expire or go inactive. Sound familiar?

That’s when I learned the ugly truth of real estate. Did you know 80% of new agents quit within 1 year? Even worse, 90% are gone within 5 years! I thought I had failed, when the reality was I only had a 10% chance to begin with. Why didn’t they teach us this in real estate school? That’s when it clicked. I wanted to create something for agents who got left behind or that don’t fit the traditional model. We just needed a different set of rules…a new opportunity.

So when I got back on my feet and started this company a few years later, it was for agents just like YOU! Because I know you worked HARD for your license. I know you invested HUNDREDS of hours and THOUSANDS of dollars to get this far, and I know you don’t want to just QUIT! Everyone laughed at my idea, but I knew there were lots of agents out there just like me. I wanted to offer them an affordable way to keep their valuable license, but more importantly, I wanted to give my agents the ability to make money and be successful. Isn’t that why you got into real estate to begin with?

“It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” I love hearing this question! It lets me know the value we offer is far greater than the small investment we ask agents to make in themselves. And it’s working! Over 1,000 agents join Realty Connect every year! But don’t just take my word for it. Check out our company reviews to see what real agents are saying about Realty Connect. We’re rated A+ by the BBB and have hundreds of 5-star ratings & reviews. I invite you to join TODAY and discover why Realty Connect is the BEST kept secret in real estate!

Dana Jensen
CEO & Principal Broker

Realty Connect is RATED A+ by BBB with hundreds of 5-star reviews! Join TODAY!

You worked HARD for your license, invested HUNDREDS of hours and THOUSANDS of dollars! Keep it ACTIVE for only $100 year without all the fees, dues & expenses! Don't just QUIT!

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-Dana Jensen, CEO & Principal Broker

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